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When is the Best Time to Buy a Ford Truck?

Getting your hands on a Ford truck, with its robust outlook, sleek interior, and remarkable features, can indeed be tempting. However, it is better to exercise caution and play it smart when buying a new Ford Truck.

According to many experts, there’s a right time to buy your truck, and it can translate to substantial savings for you if you play your cards right.

There are many different instances throughout the year when you can strike a reasonable deal for the perfect Ford truck.

It would help if you considered certain factors like flexibility, financing, the trade-in value of your old truck, and demand and supply conditions, as all of these can affect your decision.

Best Time of a Month to Purchase a Ford Truck

When To Buy? The Ultimate Guide

Several days, seasons, and holidays are perfect for buying your favorite Ford F-series truck and saving considerably on these purchases.

We have broken these down into different categories starting from the best months of the year to buy a Ford Pickup Truck.

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Best Months of the Year to Purchase a Ford Truck

The best month to buy a new vehicle is December, with average savings (off MSRP) of 7.72%.

This is because December is the last month where dealerships can increase their sales compared to previous years. Another reason is most dealerships are looking to sell the existing inventory to make space for incoming models.

Similarly, the best month to exclusively buy a truck is October, according to data available with TrueCar.

This month offers an average savings (off MSRP) of 7.63%. As October also falls in the last quarter, many dealers are motivated to meet their annual sales quotas early and sell the old stock of trucks to make space for the new ones.

Worst Months to Buy a Ford Truck

Conversely, there are certain months you should avoid buying a car in as there are hardly any discounts available.

These months include January, February, March, and April, and most dealerships do not offer any promotions in these months. This is primarily because new inventory is available, and people are buying trucks regardless of discounts/promotions.

Best Months of the Year to Purchase a Ford Truck

Best Time of a Month to Purchase a Ford Truck

Believe it or not, there’s also a preferred time of the month to buy your Ford Truck. This tends to fall at the end of the month when dealers search for buyers to meet their sales quota, as many dealerships operate monthly.

If you feel like the dealer is hurrying up the deal and even losing money on it, you may have struck gold as they are most likely trying to meet a sales target.

Best Days of the Week To Buy a New Truck

The best day to buy a truck is Wednesday, with average savings of $300 compared to a Sunday.

The logic is simple: most people visit the dealership at the weekend when they are free, which means dealers remain busiest on weekends. Conversely, Wednesday (followed by Monday) is the best time to visit a dealership and avail a greater discount.

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The Holiday Season: Special Incentives to Buy

If you want to save big and bring home a Ford Truck that is considerably cheaper than what the dealership initially asked, you should wait for the holiday season.

Most dealerships offer promotions/discounts in the holiday season as most people have free time on their hands, and many are looking for an invaluable gift. There are several festive holidays you should keep a note of, including the following.

Choosing A Brand: A Timeless Comparison

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday sales have become a true phenomenon in recent years, with companies running exclusive discounts and promotions across the US.

Similarly, many dealerships do offer discounts on different models of the Ford Trucks (both new and used), including many different cab configurations and trim levels to choose from.

It is essential to plan if you are looking to capitalize on a Black Friday sale. You can get your trade-in vehicle appraised, check the dealership to ensure the truck’s availability, and have your finances straightened out before the sale.

Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day holiday is another holiday where you can bag substantial discounts for your Ford F150.

Ford offers a list of incentives for Memorial Day sale, including three months deferred payment facility and payment relief of up to six months. For a 2019 Ford F150, Ford offered an attractive lease of $289/month for 36 months.

Fourth of July Sale

This is another excellent holiday that sees many discounts and promotions run by dealerships to attract buyers. One great feature of this sale is that it has both new and old models available as July marks a transitional period for new Ford models to come in.

Many dealerships offer different deals such as 0% APR, package discounts, and average dealer discounts amounting to significant reductions in the price.

Christmas Sale

The most popular holiday season also comes with its benefits: discounts are offered on many Ford Trucks. Dealerships run several deals to entice customers, and this can be an ideal holiday for you to get your hands on a new Ford Truck.

As specific models are rolled back and new models are expected to come in, this holiday sees dealers willing to lose money to meet their sales quota and have one less car on their lot. Many rebates and incentives can reduce the MSRP significantly and result in material savings for you.

The Ultimate Time To Buy A Used Truck

Is There An Ideal Weather or Season For Buying A New Ford Truck?

The more probable ideal season to buy a new truck is winter. This is primarily because dealerships cannot depend on warmer months to make all the sales and tend to offer a discount in winter months when demand for trucks is low as many drivers try to pull through winter with their old vehicle.

Many dealers and manufacturers also use auto-shows in winter months to entice customers who are unwilling to leave the warmth of their homes.

Many dealerships depend on foot traffic for sales and pour discounts to encourage customers to brave the freezing temperature and buy a new truck.

According to Edmunds, there is a misconception that prices fall on a rainy day. However, this does not hold true, especially in the digital age where people can surf the dealers’ websites from the comfort of their homes.

The Ultimate Time To Buy A Used Truck

According to research carried out by, January is the best month to buy a used truck, with Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday offering the most significant percentage of discounts (39.2%).

This is because this is the time dealerships are busy selling off their old inventory to make space for new models. As the holiday comes on a Monday, many buyers have the whole weekend to research the best deal in town.

Overall, all federal and retail holidays are the best time to buy a used car as most of them fall in the late fall/early winter months. This includes Presidents’ Day, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, and Veterans Day.

Many new models are entering the market this time around, and there is an ample supply of used vehicles available that need to be sold, translating into generous rebates and incentives by dealerships.

Choosing A Brand: A Timeless Comparison

With pickup trucks in high demand in recent years, there are several brands out there that offer value for money. This includes Ford F-series, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, and Ram Truck, all offering several intelligent features and making it difficult for buyers to decide.

Analyzing data available on Motrolix of month-by-month sales quantity for the last ten years shows a clear trend: Ford leads the market, selling more units than any other company in each year since 2014.

The data also confirms that most sales are made in the last quarter by all companies. Ford sold almost 787,000 units in 2020, followed by Chevrolet with 594,000 units.

The highest sales occurred in December of each year which confirms that it is indeed the best month to buy a pickup truck, no matter which brand you choose.

Company and Brand Total Units Sold Units Sold in December 2020
Ford F-Series 787,422 74,097
Chevrolet Silverado 594,094 59,815
Ram Pickup 563,676 53,755
GMC Sierra 253,016 26,124

Table 1 Trucks Sold in Year 2020 


Buying a truck can be one of the most important decisions of your life, and you should take your time in choosing the right deal.

Make sure you sort out your finances and scour the market for the perfect Ford model as you wait for the right time to buy your Ford truck.