Can Ford Track Stolen Vehicle?

Can Ford Track Stolen Vehicle?

The potential for car theft has been a worry since the invention of the automobile.

In recent years, technological advancements have made it easier than ever to steal cars and trucks from unsuspecting owners.

Can Ford Track Stolen Vehicle?

The most prevalent type of these crimes is stealing vehicles with keys left inside or using devices such as jigglers or bump keys that can unlock locks without breaking them.

Unfortunately, Ford vehicles are not immune to this problem. There have been several reports of Ford trucks and cars being stolen in recent years. So, you might be wondering can Ford track stolen vehicle/s?

How Can Ford Track Stolen Vehicle?

How Can Ford Track Stolen Vehicle?

You can track your stolen car with the FordPass app. This app allows you to link your phone with your automobile.

As long as both devices remain synced, FordPass will find your vehicle effortlessly. When a vehicle is stolen, Ford recommended that you hand your linked phone to the authorities to complete the tracking.

What is FordPass App?

FordPass App

Using the FordPass app, consumers may access Stolen Car Services, which provides 24-hour assistance in the case of vehicle theft.

There are special phone lines for drivers who are concerned about their car being stolen, so that police can trace the vehicle and boost their chances of recovering it.

Ford Secure memberships include Thatcham S7-rated Stolen Vehicle Services, which are first available for the Mustang Mach-E GT and are free to try out on eligible cars.

What Are the Probability Of Locating A Stolen Car?

An integrated theft recovery solution is being launched by Ford to avoid or lessen the consequences of car theft. An alert is sent to the owner’s smartphone if Stolen Vehicle Services detects an attempted theft using the FordPass app.

The software aids the user in filing a police complaint and offers round-the-clock assistance, including vehicle monitoring.

Stolen Vehicle Services relies on SecuriAlert’s capabilities and uses FordPass Connect to send an alert to the user’s smartphone.

Ford Sync Navigation: Is It Free?

On-call Assistance

One touch on the FordPass app is all it takes for the owner to report the car stolen and begin the process of safeguarding and retrieving the vehicle if an illegal or unexpected activity is detected through the FordPass app.

According to the owner’s current location, FordPass determines the local police department’s phone number and provides them with a crime reference number to report the car as stolen.

To help you keep track of critical information, the app includes a text box where you may jot down notes and save them for later use.

The Stolen Vehicle Services contact center may then be dialed using the FordPass app to provide the crime reference number and other relevant information.

To expedite the police’s ability to locate and recover stolen vehicles, the Stolen Car Services contact center remotely activates “theft mode,” which safely disables various vehicle capabilities.

Improved Ability To Detect

In addition to the events identified by SecuriAlert, the system employs the car’s sensors to identify a variety of events that might signal that the vehicle is being hijacked and is enabled by the driver using the FordPass mobile application and their Ford account.

When the ignition is switched on and the vehicle’s position coordinates change from when it was last turned off, the master reset – an attempt to disable FordPass Connect – and inconsistent location might occur.

A push message is delivered to the owner’s smartphone if one of the detectors is activated, indicating that a possible theft has taken place. has taken place.

When a false alert is triggered by the FordPass app, it provides the car’s most recent state to assist the owner to assess if the automobile has been moved or entered without their knowledge.

Due to Stolen Vehicle Services’ increased monitoring and protection, Thatcham S7 has been awarded a security rating.

Linked For The Future

Next to FordPass Connect, Stolen Vehicle Services is Ford’s next step in its linked services, which provide better functionality and an improved customer experience.

Free trial subscriptions to Ford Secure, which incorporates Stolen Vehicle Services, are included with Ford SYNC 4 vehicles equipped with the technology, as are new features such as Location Alerts…

… which allow drivers to set boundaries for their vehicles and receive push notifications if the vehicle departs those boundaries, and Neighbourhood Alerts, which notify drivers of other SecuriAlert-protected vehicles in the vicinity.

No GPS On Ford Sync

If you’re in a place with poor GPS reception, such as a parking garage or another covered location, you could see this indicator appear on your screen.

You may have a problem if this indicator is always shown, even if you are not in an area with poor GPS reception.

What Are the Probability Of Locating A Stolen Car?

In the United States, the average rate of auto theft recovery is 46 percent, although this varies drastically from state to state, according to a survey from Progressive Insurance.

For example, in Washington, 71% of stolen cars were recovered, while in Utah, 63% were recovered, but in Alabama, just 28% were recovered. There is a good likelihood that you may locate a stolen vehicle.

Ford Sync Navigation: Is It Free?

Subscriptions are required for SYNC Services. You may pay $60 a year by credit card. That said, if you own a 2014 (or earlier) Ford car with MyFord Touch, you get a free three-year SYNC Services account as part of the package.

How To Disable FordPass Tracking?

The customer relationship center can help you deactivate FordPass-related car data transmission and access, or you may check your vehicle’s owner’s manual (and execute a Master Reset to cease data transmission to disable your connection device).

How To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen?

The best way to avoid your car from being stolen is to never leave it unattended with the keys in the ignition.

Unfortunately, even if you take this preventative measure, your car could still be at risk.

To protect your vehicle, you should also:

  • Never keep a spare key in or near your car
  • Install a visible or audible vehicle alarm
  • Parked in well-lit areas
  • Consider installing a GPS tracking device


While Ford offers a variety of services to help you track a stolen vehicle, there is no guarantee that your car will be recovered.

The best way to protect your investment is to take preventive measures, such as parking in well-lit areas and investing in a good anti-theft system.

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