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Does Ford Warranty Cover Battery?

The Ford Motor Company offers a variety of warranties to its customers. But, you might be wondering, “Does Ford warranty cover battery?” Let’s find out!

Is Battery Covered Under Warranty?

Automakers often cover 12-volt batteries under the bumper-to-bumper warranty if they are damaged. Most car manufacturers will send a tow truck to your location if your battery dies and you have roadside assistance.

Although Hyundai and Volkswagen have bumper-to-bumper warranties of more than a year longer, they only cover the battery for 36 months.

During the first 36 months of bumper-to-bumper coverage on the vehicle, Honda covers replacement batteries 100 percent, and for the next 64 months, it offers credits toward the purchase of a new battery. Expenses for labor and installation are not covered.

Does Ford Warranty Cover Battery?

Is A Battery Covered Under Ford Extended Warranty?

Original Vehicle Battery

For the first three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, Ford covers the cost of recharging and replacing the vehicle’s original battery.

A Hybrid High Voltage battery has an 8-year/100,000-mile warranty.

Replacement Motorcraft Battery

Batteries bought from Motorcraft outside of the Bumper to Bumper guarantee may or may not be covered by the same warranty terms. For further information on warranties and purchases, speak with your local Ford dealer or Motorcraft dealer.

What’s The Warranty On A Ford Motorcraft Battery?

Coverage Under The General Warranty

On or after October 1, 2013: Ford and Motorcraft components

  • No commercial exclusions
  • 24 months/unlimited miles
  • For retail customers, or fleets or installers, the warranty commences on the date of purchase or installation.


  • Any Ford or Lincoln dealership may fulfill a limited warranty, even if they were not the original purchaser or supplier of the component.
  • The original owner’s repair order or sales slip must be provided when repairs are required by the customer, fleet, or installation service.


  • Batteries BXT Tested Tough® MAX: prorated 36/100 months
  • 18 months/84 months prorated battery life for BXL Tough® PLUS.
  • The warranties of other battery series are different.

Does Ford Warranty Cover Battery?

What Is Not Covered Under The Ford Warranty?

The following are not covered by your Ford Warranty:

Damage that occurs as a consequence of any of the following:

  • Injuries resulting from accidents, crashes, or items impacting the car
  • Theft, vandalism, or riot
  • In the case of a fire or explosion,
  • Improper use of fuel or fluids
  • Driving across a body of water that’s deep enough to clog the engine’s intake valves
  • Inadequate care and attention

Damage resulting from wear and tear, as well as environmental factors such as:

  • Scratches and chips from stones
  • Indents and dings
  • Tree sap with road salt
  • A storm complete with lightning, hail, and strong winds
  • Earthquake
  • Water, ice, or a flood

Damage caused by change or modification, including:

  • Modifications or alterations to the automobile
  • Dismantling or altering the automobile
  • Extra-large tires, alarm systems, and auto-starting systems are all examples of aftermarket or non-Ford modifications.

Items for routine upkeep and replacement, such as:

  • Changes in the oil
  • Other liquids, such as oils and lubricants
  • Tuning the engine
  • Inflation and tire rotation
  • Cleaning/polishing

Is There A Reason My Ford Warranty Was Denied?

Even if your car is still covered by the New Vehicle Limited or Powertrain Warranty, Ford Motor Company may refuse warranty coverage for a repair.

During the diagnostic procedure for a requested repair, the Ford Dealer determines whether or not the desired repair is covered under warranty. As long as the vehicle’s warranty is in place for other legitimate repairs, an individual repair may be disallowed.

The following are some of the reasons for warranty denials:

  • Inadequate care has been given to the vehicle.
  • The problem with the car was created by the driver misusing it.
  • The car has undergone several alterations.
  • The warranty is no longer valid.
  • The title has been trademarked.

Ford Warranty Revoked

An owner’s refusal to make essential repairs may result in Ford Motor Company canceling all or part of the vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Repairs not covered by a valid warranty should be paid for by the client, and the vehicle must be returned to its original factory specifications (OE).

When repairs are finished, you may ask the dealership to check receipts and examine the car to see whether the warranty can be reinstated.

Before evaluating whether or not the warranty may be restored, the repairs must be made by your Ford dealer and the request for warranty reinstatement must be submitted.

Does Ford Warranty Cover Battery?

How Can I Reactivate My Ford Warranty For Branded Titles?

If a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles has terminated your warranty coverage because of a title branding problem, you will need to have a title correction performed to retain warranty coverage.

The rectified title must come from the same state as the original branded title and must be issued after the original branded title’s release date to be valid.

Provide your local Ford dealer with a repaired title and vehicle history documents (e.g., Carfax, Experian, etc.) proving the title was fixed. Ford’s warranty operations may be able to restore your coverage when the service department submits your paperwork.

How To Maximize Your Vehicle’s Warranty?

There are a few key things you can do to help ensure that your vehicle’s warranty stays valid. First, be sure to keep up with all scheduled maintenance. This means bringing your car in for service at the recommended intervals and getting any necessary repairs or replacements done promptly.

Secondly, be sure to use only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts when making any repairs or replacements. Finally, be sure to keep detailed records of all maintenance and repair work that has been done on your vehicle.

This will help to prove that you have been taking good care of your car and may help to resolve any disputes if there is ever a problem with your warranty coverage.

How To Maintain My Vehicle In Good Condition?

To maintain your vehicle in good condition, be sure to keep up with all scheduled maintenance. This means bringing your car in for service at the recommended intervals and getting any necessary repairs or replacements done promptly.

Repairs and replacements should only be performed using genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components. Last but not least, make sure to maintain meticulous records of all vehicle maintenance and repair work.

This will help to prove that you have been taking good care of your car and may help to resolve any disputes if there is ever a problem with your warranty coverage.

Does Ford Warranty Cover Battery?

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you should carefully read over your warranty agreement before making any modifications to your car.

If you have any questions about what is and is not covered, be sure to ask your Ford dealer for clarification. In general, it is best to avoid making any changes that could void your warranty, such as aftermarket modifications or using non-OEM parts.

By taking good care of your car and following the terms of your warranty, you can help to ensure that you are covered in case of any problems down the road.

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