Ford F150 Loss of Power When Accelerating

Ford F150 Loss of Power When Accelerating

For an engine to generate power it needs 4 things – the right quantity of fuel, air, compression, and a way of igniting the air/fuel mixture. When one of these things is missing, the engine will not make power.

This makes it somewhat easy to discover the problem with an F-150 engine that has lost power – a mechanic has to simply discover which of the four things is missing or deficient.

How To Discover Lower Powered Engine Like a Pro

Below, you will discover the process through which professional mechanics discover the issue or issues with engines that have lost power.

  1. Air filter inspection

The first thing most mechanics will do when they get an engine that has lost power is to inspect the air filter.

If an air filter is dirty (made dirty with grease and dirt), it will restrict air flow and this will certainly affect the engine ability to make power because air is needed for power generation.

A restricted air flow can affect power generation by making the air/fuel ratio too rich for proper operation. An air leak can also be a problem as it can make the ratio too lean. View tips about gas mileage here!

  1. Fuel filter inspection

A clogged fuel filter will make the air/fuel ratio too lean. This will result in a misfire or a power loss. This is the reason why after checking the air filter, most mechanics then examine the fuel filter.

The fuel filter often turns black with time because it traps particulate matter. Because of this, it can get clogged with time. This is why professional mechanics recommend you change your filter regularly.

Engine loss of power due to a clogged fuel filter is something that can be fixed easily and quickly once discovered.

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  1. Fuel injector inspection

Fuel injectors spray fuel into the engine. When they are dirty due to fuel residue or particulate matter, the quantity of fuel being sprayed into the engine will be reduced or stopped.

Restricted fuel supply in the engine will certainly cause engine power loss because fuel is what is burned in the engine to produce power.

Dirty fuel injectors are typically cleaned or replaced to ensure an adequate amount of fuel gets to the engine. View type of gas you should use!

  1. Spark plug inspection

As mentioned in the introduction, for an engine to make power, one of the four things it needs is a way to ignite the air/fuel mixture in it.

This is where spark plugs come in. Spark plugs ignite the mixture and cause the combustion that makes power. Defective or worn spark plugs make it nearly impossible to ignite the fuel mixture and, therefore, cause loss of power.

Spark plugs always wear down. Because of this, manufacturers normally recommend replacing them after sometime. If your mechanic finds that your spark plug is not working, he or she can easily replace it.

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What does reduced engine power mean F150?

Reduced engine power in an F150 can be caused by a number of things including defective spark plugs, dirty injectors, dirty fuel filters, and dirty air filters.

If you notice reduce engine power, quickly call your mechanic to have a look and fix the issue before it becomes worse.

Why is my Ford truck shaking when I accelerate?

Why is my Ford truck shaking when I accelerate?

Shaking due to acceleration can be caused by poor wheel alignment, damaged motor mounts, defective spark plugs, clogged or faulty fuel injectors, and damaged U-joints.

Call your mechanic to get the shaking looked at. It could be a very easy problem to fix or something that requires proper investigation.

Can needing an oil change cause reduced engine power?

Yes, it can. If you fail to get your oil change in time, you can end up with lower engine power.

How do you change a fuel filter on a Ford F150?

The filter is located on the driver’s side door next to the step rail. Access it and you will see how easy it is to replace the filter. Make sure the flow arrow is towards the engine at the front of the truck to set the filter right.


Several things can make an F-150 engine to lose power including defective spark plugs, dirty injectors, dirty fuel filters, and dirty air filters. The moment you discover loss of engine power, take your truck to the nearest auto shop to get it inspected and repaired if need be.