What Kind of Gas Does A Ford F150 Take?

What Kind of Gas Does A Ford F150 Take?

What kind of gas does a Ford F150 use? The answer to this question is regular gasoline.

Most F15O trucks on American roads use regular gasoline. So whatever gas station you pull into, it is almost 100% certain that you will find the fuel for your F150 truck.

While nearly all F150 trucks take regular gasoline, there are some models that use diesel. For example, in the 2021 F150 line up, the F150 4WD 3.0 L, 6cyl, Automatic (S10) uses diesel.

The table below shows some of the popular 2021 F150 models, the gas they take, the combined gas mileage, and the approximate annual fuel cost.

F150 Model Gas Used Combined Gas Mileage Approx. Annual Fuel Cost
F150 4WD HEV 3.5L 6cyl Regular Gasoline 24 MPG $1,950
F150 4WD 3.0L Diesel 23 MPG $2,200
F150 2WD 5.0L 8cyl Regular Gasoline 20 MPG $2,350

From the information above, you can see that there are Ford F-150 trucks that use regular gasoline and there are also some that use diesel.

The thing that determines what fuel a truck uses is the engine. A truck with a gasoline engine will use gasoline, while one with a diesel engine will use diesel.

Some Ford trucks are made with gasoline engines hence they use gasoline, while others are made with diesel engines so they use diesel.

While this information is important, you won’t have to check the engine of your F-150 truck to know if it is a gasoline or diesel engine.

Because what fuel your car will take will be very clear to you by the time you are done purchasing your truck. Read about Antifreeze / coolant here!

Is Ford F150 gas or diesel?

Which Is Best: A Diesel Or Gasoline Ford F150 Truck?

Not sure whether you should get a diesel or gasoline engine F150? Check out how diesel and gasoline engines compare below to make an informed decision.

  1. Efficiency

With regard to efficiency, diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines. This is true because diesel has more energy per gallon compared to gasoline.

This means that if you want a truck that you expect to be driving many miles per week or month, you should get a diesel one to save on money.

  1. Torque

Diesel engines have more torque and acceleration than gasoline engines. This makes them perfect for towing or carrying heavy payloads.

Therefore, if you want an F150 truck that you expect to use to do a lot of towing with, you should get a diesel F150 as it will most likely be much better at towing than a gasoline F150.

  1. Fuel cost

In most places across the US, gas and diesel cost roughly the same. Because of this, you may think that you can buy either a diesel truck or a gas truck and you will still spend roughly the same amount of money on fuel per year.

This is incorrect. This is because diesel cars typically have about 30 percent better fuel economy compared to gasoline cars.

  1. Durability

What most people know about diesel cars is that they are typically more reliable than gasoline cars. This is true. And it is true even between diesel trucks and gas trucks.

Diesel trucks are much more durable than gas trucks and often only require minimal maintenance. They are more reliable because they have fewer components which means fewer potential points of failure.

  1. Pollution

Compared to gasoline trucks, diesel trucks are generally noisier and produce more dark smoke. This was true for a long time until recently.

Modern diesel trucks, manufactured in the last couple of years, are generally just as quiet as gasoline trucks. They also produce much less pollution compared to older diesel trucks.

Based on the information above, it is clear that diesel engine trucks are better than gasoline engine trucks especially for individuals or companies that want powerful, reliable, and durable trucks.

What is the Ford F-150 EcoBoost?

What is the Ford F-150 EcoBoost?

Most F-150 trucks on American roads are diesel engine trucks. A good number are also gasoline engine trucks. However, recently the Ford Motor Company introduced a third class of trucks made with EcoBoost engines.

EcoBoost engines are special gasoline engines meant to make gas Ford trucks as powerful as diesel Ford trucks. Diesel Ford trucks are powerful and perfect for towing heavy trailers or campers because they have more power and torque.

Standard gasoline engines cannot produce as much torque as similar sized diesel engines. This is why Ford built and introduced EcoBoost engines.

The special gasoline engines have direct fuel injection and special turbocharging tech that enables them to produce as much power as similar sized diesel engines.

The 2021 F-150 has a 3.5L PowerBoost Full Hybrid V6 EcoBoost engine. This engine is powerful and perfect for towing and carrying heavy payloads. This is despite the fact that it does not consume a lot of gasoline.

So if you are thinking of purchasing an F-150, you now have three engine options to consider – the diesel engine option, the gasoline engine option, and the EcoBoost engine option.

How Different Ford Year Models Compare In Gas Mileage

Ford F-150 Model Average MPG
2021 model 17.7 MPG
2020 model 16.8 MPG
2019 model 16.9 MPG
2018 model 17.9 MPG


Does F150 take regular gas?

Yes, it does. The most popular models of the F150 truck use regular gas. So if you are used to using gasoline engine trucks or you want a gasoline engine truck, you will find plenty of F150 models are perfect for you.

Is Ford F150 gas or diesel?

The Ford F150 is a gas pickup truck. This is because most of its models have a gasoline engine. However, you should note that there are a number of diesel engine F-150 trucks that use diesel. So if you say that the F-150 is both a gas and a diesel truck you will be right.

Is premium gas really worth it?

Yes, when it is recommended in the owner’s manual. Gasoline engines are made more powerful by premium gas. However, using a more premium gasoline fuel than what is recommended often has no significant benefit on performance, speed, or mileage.

Should I use premium gas in my F150 EcoBoost?

Yes, you can. Premium fuel with a 91 octane rating or higher is perfect for the EcoBoost.

Who makes Ford’s 3.0 diesel?

This special diesel engine is made by Ford.

Does Ford f150 come with diesel engine?

Yes. Most F-150 trucks on American roads are diesel engine trucks.


Some F150 trucks take diesel fuel while others take gasoline. The actual fuel that an F-150 truck will take will depend on its engine.

Diesel engine F150s take diesel while gasoline engine F150s take gasoline. Check your owner’s manual to know exactly what type of fuel your F150 takes to be absolutely sure.

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