How To Move a King Size Mattress In A Pickup Truck?

How To Move a King Size Mattress In A Pickup Truck?

Do you want to transport your mattress using your favorite pickup truck? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article you will learn all the important steps you need to take to move your big mattress using your truck.

Most people do not think they can safely transport a mattress as big as a king size in the cargo space of your rig.

While it is not easy to do so, it is definitely possible. There are some dos and donts to the whole thing and you will discover them all in this post.

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How to transport a king-size mattress in a pickup truck

1. Prepare the mattress

To transport a big mattress safely using a pickup truck, you need to prepare it.

The preparation you need to take is mostly to make sure that the mattress is totally protected during transport. To protect mattresses during transport, professional movers often utilize a tarp to nicely cover each mattress.

Therefore, get a tarp if you don’t have one because you are going to need it. But before you put your mattress in a tarp, put it in its bag.

Most mattresses come with a protective bag. So to give your mattress double protection by first covering it with its bag before covering it with a tarp.

The bag will protect against dirty and stains while the tarp will protect against everything including debris, dirt, and things that can pierce or cut your mattress.

2. Put your mattress on the truck

Once you have prepared your mattress for transport, you should put it in your truck. Because your mattress is a king-size mattress, it is unlikely that it will be able to fit even in the truck bed of a big truck.

So do not even think about laying your mattress flat. Nevertheless, this does not mean you cannot load it as the best way to load your mattress is to put it into your truck bed on its edge/side.

When you do this and push the edge to one of the tow bottom corners of your truck’s bed, you can then tilt the mattress to one side and let it rest on the other side’s bedrail.

When you put your mattress as described above, you are less likely to make it crease or bend in the middle when you finally set it up in your new residence.

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3. Tie down your mattress

Once your mattress is properly positioned, you only have more thing to do, which is to secure it to your vehicle.

Your mattress might be big but it is not heavy, so if you do not secure it, it will fly off your truck bed when you are tearing down the road to your destination.

Make sure you make use of your trucks tie down anchors to totally secure it in position. In case you feel the strap you use will leave some marks, put old clothes where the strap comes into contact with your mattress.

4. Inspect and depart

Once you tie-down your matty and you see everything is in order, you are good to go. You should simply do a round of inspection to ensure the mattress is properly protected and secured and then start your journey to your new residence.

What size mattress can fit in a pickup truck?

If you have ever been close enough to a pickup truck then you would know that your king size mattress cannot be carried flat on it. That is, width for width, pickup is smaller as well length!

Only smaller size mattresses can lay flat on a pickup bed. A good example of mattresses smaller than the king size mattress include the Full, the Twin XL, the Twin and the Small Single mattresses. All these mattresses can be carried flat on the bed.

While you can certainly carry a king size mattress on a pickup truck, you should not fold it or roll it.

This is because it is too big for this and its structure will be damaged if you do this. Your mattress can feel uncomfortable especially if you leave it in a rolled or bent position for a long time.

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What truck can I use to move a king bed?

There is no ordinary pickup truck where you can transport a king bed. However, there are many bigger trucks with big truck beds that can accommodate a king size bed. In fact, most 10-foot and above moving trucks can easily accommodate a king bed.

Can a king-size mattress fit in a pickup truck?


Can a king-size mattress fit in a pickup truck?

You cannot fit a king-size mattress on a pickup truck. But you can position such a mattress securely on a pickup truck and use the truck to transport it.

What size truck do I need to move a king-size mattress?

Ten feet moving trucks are perfect for moving king-size mattresses because the mattresses fit in perfectly.

How do you load a king-size mattress in a truck?

In a 10-feet box truck, you lay it flat or you put it up against the wall. In a pickup truck, you cannot lay it flat or put it up against the wall. You just slant it and position its opposite side against the opposite bed railing.

How do you transport a mattress in a pickup truck?

There are three steps to transporting a mattress using a pickup truck. First, you prepare the mattress to protect it. Second, you load the mattress. Third, you secure it for transportation.


You can transport your king mattress in your pickup truck even if it cannot fit flat on the truck bed.

You simply need to tilt it and push it to one of the corners of your truck bed and then secure it. But before you secure your mattress, you should cover it with its cover bag and then with a tarp to protect it.

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