How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

Don’t know how to reset ford door code without factory code? Just some frequent questions from people who have purchased a second-hand Ford and don’t know their factory codes, or who have misplaced their factory codes cards.

Ford vehicles are known for their high level of security, so a stranger or a third party will have a difficult time getting into your vehicle without the door code.

Using the method of resetting the Ford doors even without a factory code might spare you from unnecessary worry when you lose your vehicle’s factory code.

The technique for Ford keyless ignition without a factory code is here, but first, let’s discuss why it’s so important.

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

Why Is It Important To Know How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

A common misunderstanding is why it’s necessary to know how to reset the Ford door code without the factory code in the first place.

Because of this, there are numerous reasons.

First and foremost, it’s easy to lose the code card, and resetting your car without it is the only way to get back inside it.

To reset the ford door code without the factory code, you need to know how to do so if you bought a used ford automobile and the seller doesn’t have access to the factory code again, therefore you need to know how to do so.

Guide On How To Reset A Ford Door Code Without A Factory Code

To reset the Ford door code, there are a few things you need to take.

We’ll walk you through the steps involved with resetting your automobile door, as well as the potential pitfalls.

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

Step One: The RAP Module

To ensure you have access to the factory code again, you can take steps such as contacting the auto dealer or looking for it in the Anti-theft module, however, the latter option would set you back $50-$100.

To receive the factory code for free, you can find it in a little anti-theft module directly behind the vehicle trunk, or you can simply call your car dealer to get it for you.

Step Two: The Anti-Theft Module Panel Must Be Removed

Remove the panel at the rear of the car by rotating your thumb counterclockwise after finding it.

Take cautious not to mess with the code, or at least shine a bright light on it when you do so.

Step Three: Write The Code Down

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

Take away the panel and you will notice a label with the 5-digit code printed on it.

To reset your door, you’ll need to enter this code.

Step Four: Input The Factory Code

Now that you have the factory code, it’s time to change it to something you will remember.

Reset the code by entering the factory code and following the on-screen instructions.

The door will automatically lock and unlock after the code has been reset, demonstrating that it is fully functional.

Things That May Go Wrong When You’re Resetting Your Car Door

You may encounter a wide range of problems while trying to reset the Ford automobile door. We’ll go over some of them here.

Error One: The Codes Are Not Being Accepted By The System

To reset a car door, one must be extremely careful, as the car door system may reject the code provided by the dealer or the one you acquire from the card, or the code may be generated incorrectly, or it may be incorrectly imputed.

Taking the car to a mechanic may be necessary if the problem persists.

Error Two: The Keypad Is Not Working

The keypad error is another possibility. Attempting to reset the factory code on a malfunctioning keypad can result in an error message if certain keys are entered twice, causing the system to display an error message.

The keypad needs to be replaced before you can try the reset process again if this happens.

How To Get Your Ford Factory Keyless Entry Code Using Vehicle Key?

The factory code for your keyless entry system can be obtained by following a few simple procedures with the keys that came with your car. Regular automobile keys and smart technology keys are required.

Step One: Insert The Ignition Key

Don’t turn on your car’s engine once you’ve inserted the key.

Turn it on for about five seconds, then shut it off and remove the key.

Please take care not to start the engine. Once you’ve entered your key, you can only use the lifts.

Step Two: Place The Second Technology Key Into Place

For roughly 5 seconds after inserting the second key, turn the ignition on too.

The whole process will be ruined if you turn on the engine, so be careful not to do so.

Step Three: Jot Down The Factory Code

The factory code will appear on the dashboard around five seconds after you insert the second key with the ignition on. Make a note of it or take a photo of it and store it safely.

How To Get Your Ford Factory Keyless Entry Code By Decoding VIN Number?

VIN decoding is another method for obtaining the factory door code from your vehicle. A unique serial number is assigned to each vehicle in order to make it stand out from the crowd.

Step One: Find The VIN Number

The vehicle identification number (VIN) will be visible on the vehicle.

The windscreen, the engine block, or the driver’s side pillar can all be used.

Find out where the vehicle is located by inspecting it thoroughly.

Step Two: Write Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Once you’ve found the VIN, make a note of it and save it someplace secure.

Afterward, you have the option of retrieving the factory code yourself or having your mechanic assist you in locating it at your local car dealership.

Step Three: Reset Your Code

Following, after obtaining the factory code either by doing it personally or with the help of your mechanic, the next stage is to reset your automobile door code.

How To Avoid Being Stranded Due To Ford Door Code Problems

One: Creating Custom Entry Codes

Your entry code will prevent you from having to hunt down the factory code once you’ve reset your car’s factory code.

An easy-to-remember personal code, such as your birth date or credit card password, should be used as the basis for the personalized code.

Two: Taking Note of the Factory Code

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

Keep a record of your factory code someplace safe and accessible in case you ever need it.

Having the code readily available on your phone or notepad is a great idea.


Resetting your Ford door code without the factory code can be done by following a few simple steps. However, it’s important to be careful when entering the new code, as incorrect input can result in an error message. If you’re having trouble resetting your code or if the keypad is not working, it’s best to take your car to a dealership or mechanic to have it checked out. In the meantime, you can create a custom entry code to avoid being stranded due to problems with your Ford door code.


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