What Is Ford Boxlink? Does It Work For F-150?

What Is Ford Boxlink? Does It Work For F-150?

Ford’s Boxlink system is one of the most versatile and useful cargo management systems available on the market today. Whether you’re looking to secure a load in the bed of your truck, or you need to transport equipment safely and securely, Boxlink has you covered. So whether you’re carrying construction materials or boats, Ford’s Boxlink system has you covered. Keep on reading to know more about what is Ford Boxlink.

What Is Ford Boxlink? Does It Work For F-150?

What Is Ford Boxlink? Does It Work For F-150?

Ford Boxlink is a system that helps to secure loads in the bed of an F-150 pickup truck. It consists of four metal brackets that are mounted to the corners of the bed, and each bracket has a series of holes that can be used to tie down or strap down a load. The system is designed to work with a variety of aftermarket accessories, including cargo nets, tie-downs, and storage bins.

In addition, the holes in the brackets can also be used to mount other accessories, such as bike racks or toolboxes. Ford claims that Boxlink is the strongest and most versatile system for securing loads in an F-150, and it should work with any accessories that are designed for use with the system.

How Do You Use Ford BoxLink?

BoxLink is an exclusive feature that comes standard on select Ford vehicles. It’s a simple and effective way to secure cargo in the back of your truck, and it couldn’t be easier to use. To get started, just fold down the rear seats and snap the included crossbars into place. Then, use the integrated tie-down hooks to secure your load.

That’s it! With BoxLink, you can say goodbye to loose cargo and hello to a stress-free ride. So, next time you’re packing up for a camping trip or hauling a load of mulch, be sure to take advantage of this fantastic Ford feature.

What Are BoxLink Cleats Used For?

BoxLink is a type of cleat that is commonly used in rock climbing and mountaineering. It is designed to be placed in a small crack or slot in the rock and then used to secure a rope or other gear. BoxLink cleats are particularly useful for aiding in the construction of belay anchors, as they can be easily placed in narrow spaces and then loaded with weight without fear of them slipping out.

In addition, they can also be used to create emergency rappel anchors, which can be invaluable if you find yourself stranded on a climb. Whether you are a seasoned climber or just starting, having a few BoxLink cleats in your gear closet is always a good idea.

Does Ford BoxLink Come With Cleats?

Sure does! Ford’s BoxLink system includes four heavy-duty aluminum cleats that you can use to secure your load. The cleats are easy to install and remove, and they’re specifically designed to work with the BoxLink system. With the cleats in place, you’ll be able to secure just about anything in the back of your truck, giving you peace of mind when you hit the road. And if you ever need to remove the cleats, they’ll come off just as easily as they went on.

So whether you’re carrying lumber or ATVs, you can rest assured that your load will be safe and secure. Thanks, Ford!

What Is Ford Boxlink? Does It Work For F-150?

How To Install A Ford Boxlink Plates

To begin, gather all of your materials, including self-tapping screws, boxlink plates, a T-30 Torx bit, and a torque wrench.

Using a T-30 Torx bit (or a security Torx bit, if you’re using replacement plates), manually insert the self-drilling screw into the hole. Check to see that the screw is straight and not cross-threading before proceeding. Once you’ve got it in a small amount by hand, you may finish it off using a power drill to get it in. Repetition of the method for each of the four corners is necessary.

Ensure that the plates are orientated such that the “T” aperture is upside down.

Set the torque wrench to 106 lb-in and tighten all of the screws down to the specified torque.

If you have a spray-in bed liner, you may hear some unsettling popping and cracking when driving about. Using a torque wrench can help you untangle some of the nerves in this situation; nevertheless, the torque is quite low, so assume that hand-tightening all of these screws with a socket wrench would be sufficient for the majority of them.

How To Install A Ford Boxlink Cleats

Ford Boxlink Cleats are installed in this manner.

The Boxlink tie-down cleats are supplied with four tie-down cleats as well as a set of keys for locking them in place once they have been placed.

It is necessary to have the key placed and the cleat released to continue. It is possible to raise the cleat with your foot once the cleat has been unfastened. Your knowledge of how to insert it into the Boxlink plate slot and then slide it up to secure it in place will make the process much easier today.

The cleat should be simple to install if your truck does not have a spray-in bed liner. Once the cleat lock housing has been lowered, insert the key and turn until it locks.

It is difficult to install Boxlink cleats into a truck bed after a spray-in bed liner has been installed because there is a built-up thickness of spray-in bed liner material between the liner and the mounting plate, which prevents the cleat from sliding up into the mounting plate.

Because the additional spray-in liner material is barely holding the cleat in place, you’ll need to exert some power on it to wedge it into place. When the cleat is unable to slide up under the mounting plate, the solution is simple. To begin, grab a small block of wood and pound it with a mallet or hammer until it breaks into pieces.

As close to the mounting plate as possible, put the wooden block under the cleat. Then, using a mallet or hammer, smash the block of wood from the bottom up. To slide wood against a cleat, you’ll have to slide the cleat up behind the mounting plate, which will cause the wood to slide up behind the plate as well. The time is rapidly approaching when you will be able to use your finger to place it where you want it.

It is possible to swing the lock housing down, turn the key to lock, and then remove the key once it has been secured. It has now been securely fastened in place and is completely safe.


In conclusion, the Ford Boxlink is an extremely useful addition to the F-150. It is a great way to keep your load secure, and it is also very easy to install. Whether you have a spray-in bed liner or not, installation is a breeze. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with an F-150.


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