What Does STX Mean on A Ford Series Vs XLT?

What Does STX Mean on A Ford Series Vs XLT?

When you go to purchase a new or used Ford F-150 trucks, you will always find that that there are many trims or designs to consider.

To make it easy for one to differentiate one trim from another, Ford decided to put an abbreviation of the name of each trim on its side.

Popular F150 trims or models include the STX model, the XLT model, and so on. In this post, you will discover everything you need to know about these and other models.

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What Does STX Mean On a Ford Truck?

A Ford F-150 truck with STX on its side is a special Ford truck build. The STX on its side stands for Sports Truck Extra or Sports Truck Extreme. This particular F-150 is built with sports capabilities.

While previously Ford built Ford F-150 at its factory as special edition trucks, the company is now only offering STX as an appearance package.

In other words, modern F-150 STX trucks are just sports-like and have no real sports capabilities different from those of an ordinary F-150 truck.

Before STX became just an appearance package, Ford used to build Ford F-150 in its American factories with features perfect for high-speed and tough off-road conditions.

However, since 2017, Ford included the special sports features in all its trucks so there was no longer a need for the company to advertise special Ford trucks.

This is what led to the STX build being discontinued. The company now only offers an STX appearance package to make your truck more sports-like.

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What Does Ford F150 XL and XLT Mean?

Now you know what the F-150 STX means – it is an F-150 build or style that used to be in production a few years back.

F-150 STX trucks used to be sportier and better equipped for rough-terrain than regular F-150 trucks back in the day.

However, Ford is no longer manufacturing STX builds. This is because it now includes all STX features in its regular models. The most popular F-150 trims or builds Ford is making right now are the F-150 XL and the F-150 XLT.

The Ford F-150 XL

This is the most basic F-150 truck on the market. Because it is the most basic (aka it has no extra features), it is also the cheapest F-150 truck on the market. Therefore, if you want to purchase the cheapest new F-150 truck you should ask for an F-150 XL.

This truck has everything you need in a basic work truck. It does have some exciting features but no special features to make it perform in any special way.

Of course you can purchase some extra features, e.g. you can by a towing package to make it haul trailers better. However, it is not sold with these extra features or improvements.

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The XL Features

In terms of performance, both the 2020 XL and XLT trims have a 3.3L Ti-VCT V6 engine that can provide 290 HP. So the engine is the same.

In terms of appearance the XL trim is quite beautiful to look at. It is very aesthetic both inside and outside.

It also has amazing features such as very comfortable steering, 2.3-inch productivity screen, luxurious urethane cover steering wheel, and a powerful air conditioner.

In terms of exterior features, this Ford truck features halogen headlamps, daytime running lights, a cargo light, tailgate handles, and an underframe tire carrier.


Compared to the F-150 XL, the F-150 XLT is a much more superior truck. While it is similar to the XL in terms of appearance and a number of features, it is also different to the XL in several ways.

First, while the XLT does come with the same engine as the XL, it also comes with a 3.0L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel V6 engine. This turbo engine is much more powerful than the stock engine in both the XL and the XLT trucks.

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The Features

In terms of performance, the XLT features more performance upgrades compared to the XL.

For instance, you can purchase this trim with a better engine than its stock engine. An engine with more horsepower and more torque. It also has more wheel options than the XL.

In terms of appearance, it comes with colour-coordinated carpeted floor mats, cruise control, and SYNC 3 entertainment system. It also a 2-bar chrome grille with chrome nostrils and a black surround. Lastly, it includes a power lock tailgate.

Which is Best For You?

You are now aware of the existence of at least three builds of the F-150. The builds are the F-150 STX, the F-150 XL and the F-150 XLT.

All these builds are currently available on the market but you are quite unlikely to find a new F-150 STX since Ford stopped making the build a couple of years ago.

The only new builds currently available on the market are the XL and XLT builds. The XL build is the bare bones build. It is the most basic of Ford F-150 trucks.

It is also significantly cheaper than the XLT version (by about $6,000). So if you want a basic but reliable truck for work, it is the truck you should get.

The other truck, the XLT F-150, is perfect for those looking for an F-150 with a little bit extra. It is the F-150 full of upgrades for heavy work.

It is also the F-150 perfect for off-road adventures as it is ruggedized for towing on uneven grounds. So if you want a special F-150 for intense work, you should go for the XLT build.

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What is the difference between STX and XLT?


What is the difference between STX and XLT?

The STX is an old sports build F-150 while the XLT is a modern F-150 build that is much superior to the basic F-150 build.

What is the difference between F150 STX and FX4?

The STX stood for Sports Truck Extreme. It used to be pretty popular but it is no longer in production. It featured sports upgrades/improvements.

The FX4, on the other hand, was simply the most luxurious and, therefore, the most expensive F-150 truck for a long time. It is also no longer in production.

Is an F-150 STX a 4 wheel drive?

Yes, it is. It has 4WD function and off-road shocks and tires.

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What’s the difference between FX4 and 4×4?

FX4 was simply the ultimate F-150 with all the luxury and performance upgrades while a 4×4 is simply a truck with four-wheel-drive function.

Is Ford XL or XLT better?

XLT F-150 is much better in terms of appearance and performance. It is, however, also more expensive than the XL.


The F-150 is one of the most popular trucks in the United States. The truck is available in various designs or builds. The STX was one of the most exciting builds years back. It was a sports version F-150 with multiple sports features.

Right now the most popular builds are the XL and the XLT builds. The XL the bare bones build while the XLT is its advanced and ruggedized cousin.

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