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When is Ford Truck Month?

Most truck drivers are usually ager to get behind the wheel of a new Ford F-150 or new Ford Ranger truck, but they often have to wait for sales to even off the competitive prices.

They specifically wait for the Ford Truck month. So, what exactly is the Ford Month truck and when is it?

What is Ford Truck Month?

Ford Truck Month is basically a certain time of the year when truck lovers and drivers get to celebrate the ultimate utility, sheer luxury, and incredible power of different Ford trucks. It is normally celebrated every year during February and March.

The celebration has even become part of the American tradition. And apart from great discounts, potential buyers also get to enjoy extensive warranties and incredible financing deals. Simply put, this is the best time to purchase a new Ford truck.

The core of the Ford Motor Company are trucks. Being among the best-selling trucks in the U.S. coupled with innovative driver-assist technologies help to keep the company at the top of the pack. Ford Truck Month offers some of the best deals on award-winning trucks.

During this month, the Ford Motor Company together with the Ford Motor Credit offer some of the best incentives and rebates. There is no better time than this to purchase a new Ford truck.

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Trucks Available During the Ford Truck Month

Here are three trucks available during the Ford Truck Month;

1.  Ford Ranger

This truck is defined by its great power and efficiency. Perfect for both on-road and off-road driving. Not everybody needs the capabilities featured in a full-sized pickup truck and that is where this mid-size truck comes in.


  • Feels quite athletic. Powered by a turbocharged engine having a 2.3 liter displacement, the truck feels quite agile. It is also quick and responsive.
  • Suitable for rough and rugged terrain.
  • Capable of towing heavy loads of up to 7,500 pounds.
  • Reasonably priced truck at about 30,000 USD.
  • Features numerous driver-assist systems such as automatic blind spot monitoring and high beams.
  • High-end interior features like leather seats and ambient lighting.


  • Doesn’t have an alternative engine. Most truck manufacturers offer their customers different engine options.
  • The base model has very limited technology. It does not include even include the smartphone connectivity.

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2.  Ford F-150

Ford-150 is a true American classic. With unmatched payload and towing capabilities, the F-150 will surely impress. This truck covers the majority of driving demands.

Whether you want a pickup truck for your work site, or a truck featuring a few luxuries in its interior, you’ll find what you need in this truck.

With a towing capacity of up to 13,200 pounds, the Ford F-150 will certainly provide you with the power and strength that you need from your truck.


  • Incredible performance with numerous engine options. There six different engine choices to pick from
  • Great hauling and towing capabilities. This truck has a maximum load capacity of 3,325 pounds and can tow loads of up to 14,000 pound
  • Excellent steering as well as handling. Acceleration is great with any engine choice
  • Suitable for all kinds of terrain, even the roughest and toughest terrain
  • Stylish and rugged exterior design that any truck lover would admire
  • Comfortable and stylish interior
  • Features driver-assist technology, which comes in quite handy. These features make driving, enjoyable, and safer as well.
  • Remarkable safety features including several airbags and a safety canopy


  • Not as really as luxurious as other truck brands
  • Hybrid transitions could be better
  • Higher trim levels are very costly.

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3.  Ford Super Duty

If you looking for incredible rugged performance and capability in your truck, then the Ford Super Duty is what to go for.

This heavy-duty truck is available in different versions as well as trim levels. It also features advanced technology to help you get the job easily done.


  • Comes with several engine options
  • Incredible towing capacity of up to 22,800 pounds
  • Can easily maneuver all kinds of terrain, including rugged surfaces
  • Great braking power. It has a  braking system that offers a firm slowdown and brake pedals that are highly responsive to the slightest pressure changes
  • Ample storage space
  • Simple and easy to clean interior


  • The interior is relatively plain. There aren’t any innovative and upscale features
  • A bit too expensive for the features it has.


The Ford Truck Month is a special time of the year that Ford uses to celebrate the brilliance of its many trucks.

It normally stretches from February to March. During the month, you can take advantage of the many promos Ford usually runs on its trucks and spare parts.

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