Why Is The Ford Phone Button Not Working?

Why Is The Ford Phone Button Not Working?

You may make use of a variety of hands-free technologies while still managing your vehicle with Ford Sync. To use all of Ford Sync’s features, the button must be functional for it to be used.

In this article, let’s find out why is the ford phone button not working.

Why Is The Ford Phone Button Not Working?

What Is Ford Sync?

When it comes to Ford automobiles, Sync is among the most cutting-edge technologies on the market. It connects wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled cellphones.

If you’re listening to music, getting directions, or making a phone call while driving, Ford Sync got you covered. It’s easy to use and it’s safe.

More functions are available if your car is equipped with a more recent version of the Sync system.

Why Is The Ford Phone Button Not Working?

For example, it will allow you to unlock your automobile from your phone. You can start and stop your car, lock and unlock the doors, and even lock and open the trunk from afar.

Ford Sync’s in-vehicle Wi-Fi is another fantastic feature. It’s even possible to use it as a wireless hotspot. Staying in touch while traveling has never been easier.

Using the internet on a road trip can keep your passengers entertained for hours.

Not Compatible With The Phone

Why Is The Ford Phone Button Not Working?

Sync by Ford It’s infuriating when you can’t use certain apps because of issues with your Google Pixel, iPhone, Samsung, or another brand.

Before you can address the issue, you need to know what’s causing it, which is something I’ll discuss in more detail below. Ford Sync’s phone button is the source of these problems.

 How Do You Reset Bluetooth On Ford Sync?

Not Compatible With The Phone

Model is old

One of the most common causes of Ford Sync not working with your phone is that the two systems are incompatible. If you have a phone from a less-known brand or an older model, you may not be able to use this app.

Update the OS

It might be because you’re using an outdated operating system. Updating your operating system is a simple solution. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use all of its capabilities, such as Ford Sync integration.

Buttons Are Damaged

The button is unclean

It’s also possible to sustain harm if your Ford vehicle has an actual Ford Sync phone button. When the buttons are exposed to dirt and dust, they may fail.

A muddy and dusty road is much more of a problem if you often open your windows. The issue might be exacerbated if you don’t clean your automobile frequently.

The button should be cleaned

As a result of accumulated dirt, the button may become unresponsive. You may press as hard as you want, but the feature will not activate.

It may also be a sign of aging. You may be able to get the phone button to operate as if it were new after it is free of dirt and sticky residue.

Your Phone’s Battery Is Drained

The problem may be caused by a dead battery in your phone. Your phone may not answer, not because of an issue with the Ford Sync system yet because of a problem with your phone. Use a battery that is fully charged to prevent this.

Having Problems With Bluetooth

Bluetooth dependent

Bluetooth is a key component of Ford Sync. A wired connection is no longer necessary thanks to this option.

They can directly interact with each other when Bluetooth is turned on on both of them. So when the Bluetooth connection is broken, Ford Sync’s phone button may not function properly.

Bluetooth logo appears when active

Are you unsure whether Bluetooth is functioning correctly? The Bluetooth logo may be found on the phone’s top, depending on the model. This confirms that the function is in use.

Try connecting it to other gadgets to see if it works. This way, you’ll know for sure whether your phone’s Bluetooth is the issue or if you have to handle a different issue.

Misconfigured Wiring

Ford Sync, like any other electrical module in your automobile, includes several cables that you can’t see.

You won’t be able to utilize the phone button if any of these cables are broken since it won’t be able to interact with other sections of the system. This may be due to wear and tear.

 How Do You Reset Bluetooth On Ford Sync?

Resetting Bluetooth is a simple and quick fix. This will restore your phone and Sync’s original Bluetooth settings:

  • Turn Bluetooth off on your smartphone and then turn it back on.
  • Turn off Ford Sync’s Bluetooth and then turn it back on.
  • Manually connect your smartphone to Ford Sync. To accomplish this, go to Settings, touch Bluetooth devices, and then tap on your phone. Then, click the Connect button when you’ve found your device on the screen.

Ford SYNC Phone Pairing Process

Connecting a mobile device to Ford Sync is simple. Step-by-step instructions on how to do so may be found here.

  • Turn on your mobile phone. The Sync edition in your Ford car must be compatible with the phone you are using.
  • Bluetooth must be enabled on the device you want to connect to the Ford Sync system.
  • Click the Phone button on the Ford Sync screen. The phone menu will then appear. To proceed, press the OK button.
  • Add a device by selecting Add Device and then clicking OK. Tap OK to start pairing device when you see the message “Press to begin pairing device.”
  • Take your time and let Sync do its thing. It’ll locate your phone in no time.
  • A six-digit code will be shown on the Ford Sync screen. Use your phone to type it in.
  • A confirmation message will appear if they match, indicating that the connection has been established.
  • You may now use Ford Sync after exiting the notification and pressing OK.

 Why Won’t My Ford Connect To My Phone?

There are a few different reasons why your Ford might not be connecting to your phone. The most common reason is that the Bluetooth® system in your car is not compatible with the Bluetooth® system in your phone.

Another possibility is that something is interfering with the signal, such as another electronic device near your car or a weak battery in your phone.

If you’re not sure what the problem is, you can try restarting your phone and your car’s infotainment system, or you can consult your car’s owner’s manual for more troubleshooting tips.

Ford SYNC Phone Pairing Process


We hope you found this article helpful in diagnosing the issue with your Ford phone button.

If your phone button is still not working after following the troubleshooting tips above, then you may need to take your car to a Ford dealership or certified mechanic for further assistance. Thank you for reading!

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