How Many Years Has Ford Been The Best Selling Truck?

How Many Years Has Ford Been The Best Selling Truck?

The answer to this question is over forty years. To be exact, the Ford F-150 model has been the best-selling pickup truck for 44 years. This is quite a long time. The Ford brand has also been the best-selling American brand for over a decade.

In this post, you will discover the reasons why the F-150 is America’s best-selling truck.

The Reasons Why the F-150 Has Been America’s Best Selling Truck

1. Toughness

The F-150 is a rugged truck. In other words, it is designed to be as tough as possible. This is the reason why the majority of trucks that have over recorded over 250,000 miles on American roads are F150.

To make the truck as rugged as possible, the manufacturer has subjected the modern models to over 10 million miles of testing.

According to the manufacturer, this revealed the weaknesses of the vehicle and they engineered a solution to all the weaknesses. The end result is a tough truck that can handle tough work over any type of terrain.

Many people living in different regions of America want a truck that will serve them for a long time. A truck that will not break down constantly.

A truck that will carry heavy stuff or tow heavy trailers for many years as well been able to carry customized camper. And considering the known ruggedness of the F-150, it is only reasonable that most people are deciding to go for it.

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2. Fuel efficiency

Since the F150 was introduced several decades ago, Ford engineers have been working to make it each subsequent design more fuel efficient.

In the last couple of years, the engineers have been able to achieve a breakthrough in making this highly popular big boy more fuel efficient.

The latest version of the truck is now built using aluminium and not 100% steel as it was previously the case. The aluminium version is much lighter compared to the steel version.

This has resulted in significantly improved fuel efficiency because it has made the modern F-150 nearly 800 pounds lighter than the previous.

People love vehicle with better gas mileage because it reduces monthly fuel costs. Therefore, the fact that this truck is MPG is positive obviously makes it popular among those needing a cost saving expenses on their trucks.

3. Towing and hauling capacity

This is probably the number one reason why people love the F-150. Among half-ton pickup trucks, this model has one of the best towing and hauling capabilities. This is because it comes with various powerful engines that make it very strong and capable.

For example, one of the engine’s it can come with is the 5.0L V8 engine which provides 384Hp and 387 ft-lbs of torque. With this strong engine, it can carry a payload of 3,300 pounds or tow a trailer as heavy as 11,000 pounds.

Another engine option is the 3.5L turbocharged V6. It can haul a payload of up to 3,200 pounds or tow a trailer as heavy as 12,200 pounds. These numbers show just how capable the F150 is and why many people love it.

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4. Extreme versatility

This great rig is available in a number of versions. The different versions are perfect for different uses. If you simply want a basic model, with no upgrades or special features, you should get the XL.

It is powerful and brilliant in so many ways. You can use it for carrying hay, firewood, topsoil, mulch, or any other thing. This is because it has a very decent payload capacity. You can also use it for towing lightweight items.

Apart from the F-150 XL, other trims include one with perfect features for off-road driving, one with perfect features for towing heavy trailers, one with perfect features for heavy-duty work, and one with perfect features for urban cruising.

There is also a luxury trim with all the luxury features you can imagine in the perfect pickup truck. It is known as the Ford F-150 XLT. Read about STX vs XLT here!

5. User friendliness

When you step into the 2020 models, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much more comfortable the truck is compared to previous versions of the truck.

This is because the 2020 F-150 has a million and one amazing features meant to make driving it or being a passenger in it to be a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Its user friendly features include ergonomic door and tailgate handles, convenient sidesteps, comfy fold-back seats, an interior work surface, a tailgate that can be used as a work platform, an advanced 12-inch centre screen, a reverse camera, and a backup assist.

6. Luxury options

While the basic F-150 truck comes with a number of amazing features, there are several luxury features that you can add when purchasing the truck.

They are available as options. The features include heated seats for the rear passengers, power adjustable leather seats, intelligent control, a Sony audio system, keyless start, and so on.

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7. Safety features

The XL, the basic version, comes with standard safety features that you will not find in the basic trims/versions of other half ton trucks.

Its standard safety features include multiple airbags for the driver and passengers, trailer sway control, stability control, traction control, and an automatic braking system.

The truck also comes with a rear-parking sensor and a multi-view 360 degrees camera. Other important safety features include lane departure warning, forward collision warning, rear cross traffic alert, and blind spot monitoring.

Which the bestselling truck of all time?


Which the bestselling truck of all time?

The F-150 is the bestselling truck of all time in the USA. It is a powerful, reliable, and long-lasting truck that has remained popular for over forty years. Read more facts here!

How many Ford F-150s were sold in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020?

Ford has been selling approximately 850,000 per year F-150 trucks since 2016. In 2016, the company sold 820,799 trucks.

In 2017, the company sold 896,764 trucks. In 2018 and 2019, the company sold 909,303 and 896,526 trucks, respectively. In 2020 the company sold 787,372 trucks despite the pandemic.

The most reliable 4×4 truck ever made?

According to many analysts, the Toyota Tundra is the most reliable 4 by 4 truck ever made. Other reliable trucks on the market include the Ford 350, the Nissan Frontier, and the Honda Ridgeline.

Which lasts longer Ford or Chevy in reliability and longevity index?

Chevy trucks last a bit longer than Ford trucks based on the 200,000 miles mark.

How many F150 sold per minute?

As of 2020, the number of F-150 trucks sold per minute was 1.7 trucks per minute.


The F-150 has been the best-selling pickup truck in the USA for more than four decades. There are quite a number of reasons why it has remained in the number 1 spot for so long.

The reasons include its ruggedness and weight, its safety features, its luxury options, its versatility, and its towing and hauling capabilities.